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Take charge of your study routine.

The tools you need to organize and excel in every aspect of your student life. JUST IMAGINE IF YOU COULD…

✅ Create a more complete study plan for the day, week and month to be successful at your studies instead of struggling to know where to get started.

✅ Have full control over assignments, projects, deadlines and know what needs to be done, the strategy to do it, instead of missing submissions impacting grades.

✅ Develop the right habits that help to not only study smarter and better but also focus on comprehensive development like personal well being and fitness instead of overwhelming yourself in one area and neglecting overall development.

✅ Feel completely confident in your studies and make plans and identify anything to improve to achieve the grade you want to get.

It can be hard to keep track of everything you need to do, and even harder when you have so many different things going on at once. That’s why I created Digital Planner – which helps you organize your personal and study life all in one place.

We know how frustrating it is when you forget an important task or deadline, so in the digital planner, you can keep track of what needs to get done today, tomorrow, next week or next month. Plus with the Study, Wellness, Fitness, Finance, Notes & Lists sections, you can take control of your student life each day!

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You’ll be able to:


All the tools you’ll need to be successful as well as excel academically throughout your studies.

• Daily Study Planner: Plan the hours you’ll study, topics to finish, hourly plan & track your breaks. Plan by the hour.
• Weekly Study Planner: Look ahead and plan out a weekly study calendar. Get visibility on subjects and days you’ll pick them.
• Assignment Tracker: Never miss an assignment. Track every assignment by the due date and check them off when done.
• Project Planner: Stay on top of your project work by identifying goals, strategy to tackle them, & breaking into tasks.
• Class Schedule: Track your classes scheduled in the semester/ term each day using this simple template.
• Daily Plan: Take control of your daily schedule by writing the priorities for the day, tasks due and plan by hour.
• Grade Tracker: Achieve the grade you wish to achieve by focusing on the activities that lead to certain grade.
• Pomodoro Study Tracker: Make your study consistent and balanced. Track your study time and break time.
• Exam Schedule: Mark your exams using the exam schedule and never worry about remembering the timetable.
• More Templates: Write your class details, plan your group projects, track 4-year graduation and more..


Organize student life easier than ever before. Keep track of your schedule.

• Academic Calendar: Navigate around the days, weeks & months from the academic calendar with this single view.
• Academic Year: Write the key highlights and get a glance of the entire academic year -by day and month.
• Monthly Outlook: Note important dates and get a birds-eye view of the month and be on top of what’s coming.
• Monthly Plan/ Review: Plan out your activities for the month, mark the priorities, retrospect how you did, and improve.
• Weekly Plan/ Review: Each week presents a new opportunity to start afresh. Plan and review the week, right here.
• Daily Plan: Take control of your daily schedule by writing the priorities for the day, tasks due and plan by hour.
• More Templates: Do not miss important dates in a year by listing them month-wise, get a weekly outlook and more..


Take control of your money and make your student life more affordable and less stressful.

• Monthly Budget: Manage your monthly money flow in and out and be on top of it through the monthly budget.
• 30-Day Zero Spend Challenge: Challenge yourself to not spend on anything other than essentials.
• Savings Thermometer: Visualize your savings with this beautiful template. Start saving for a purpose.
• Expenses Tracker: Log your monthly expenses across different categories.
• Bank Details: Never lose track of your financial assets like bank accounts and card details.
• Money Lent/Borrowed Tracker: Keep an eye on the money you have given to others and borrowed from others.
• Income Tracker: Track the money coming in to see the sources of income.


Maintain your wellness by maximizing time & energy. Build good habits or manage unhealthy ones.

• Habit Tracker: Whether you want to develop or maintain a daily, weekly or monthly habit, you can do so here.
• Mood Tracker: Keep an eye on your daily mood. Understand the triggers for your mood and embrace them.
• Food Journal: Track your daily calories, fat and carbs across breakfast, lunch, snacks & dinner and weekly sum.
• Sleep Tracker: Log your daily sleep timings, total hours and how you feel after the sleep, plus the quality.
• Symptoms Tracker: Follow the patterns, and see if any of your symptoms need attention across the month.
• Water Intake Tracker: Are you drinking enough water each day? See for yourself using this useful tracker.
• Period Tracker: Track the dates, cycle and duration of periods.


Stay in shape while you juggle classes, extracurriculars, & maybe even working part-time.

• Fitness Goals: Define & achieve your fitness goals with ease. Set weight & other goals with before, after metrics.
• Workout Log: Keep track of your daily exercises and cardio. Monitor sets, reps, time, distance and more.
• Body Measurement Tracker: Continuously track your key body measurements to achieve the ideal body you are dreaming of.
• Intermittent Fasting Planner: Use the latest trend whether it is to lose weight, improve health and simplify the lifestyle.
• 30-Day Challenge Tracker: Challenge yourself on something that matters. Make it exciting by doing it for 30 days.


Choose the style you love to make notes in. Obsessed with making lists? you’re covered.

• Notes: Use one of the 9 different formats that suit each occasion to make notes of something interesting or capturing ideas.
• Lists: Use one of the 3 styles of lists to help remember the things or activities you want to.


Track movies to watch, friends/family’s birthday, plan that trip you want to take and more.
• Notes: Use one of the 10 different formats that suit each occasion to make notes of something interesting or capturing ideas.
• Lists: Use one of the 5 styles of lists to help remember the things or activities you want to.

You deserve a break in life, and with this planner, you’ll have one every single day.


Get free bundle has a collection of 600+ digital stickers available in 6 colors for adding fun to the planning and note-taking process!

The stickers are pre-cropped PNG files that are ready to be used with digital products. Select the right sticker in the desired color to make your note-taking and planning a joy.

Stickers are spread across different categories :
• 74 Labels and List items
• 27 Icons
• 10 Number stickers
• 13 Appreciation stickers

The digital stickers are available in 6 colors to match with any planner you have:
• Cyan
• Grey
• Black
• Lavendar
• Pink
• Blue


Get 10 planner covers.


All our products are digital downloads. Get yours today by clicking on the Download button and download the Digital Planner instantly.

Please note: The digital planner like this require an App like Goodnotes, Notability that are available from App store. It is not included in this purchase.

After you make the payment you can download the item. No physical product will be shipped.


Please refer to the Documentation section in Help & Support on how to use the digital planner, stickers and cover pages.

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