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Modern Notebook-Forest Edition

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Bring them anywhere, and they are always there with you. Your notebooks will never be lost or misplaced again! Good enough to cover all your subjects. Add as many pages as you need.

Digital Notebooks helps you organize your notes. Has 9 hyperlinked sections and 14 page styles.


All the tools you’ll need to be successful as well as excel academically throughout your studies.

  • Modern Design
  • 9 hyperlinked sections with tabs for navigating with ease.
  • Notes: Use one of the 11 different formats that suit each occasion to make notes of something interesting or capture ideas.
  • Lists: Use one of the 3 styles of lists to help remember the things or activities you want to.
  • A shortcut hyperlinked page to the paper templates
  • 11 Notebook Covers
  • 600+ Digital Stickers : In pre-cropped PNG images for your convenient use.

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Product Information

  • File type
    PDF, PNG
  • Contents
    Notebook, Covers, Digital Stickers

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