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You’ve got a lot on your plate.

It can be hard to keep track of everything you need to do, and even harder when you have so many different things going on at once. That’s why we created Digital Planner – which helps you organize your personal and professional life all in one place.

We know how frustrating it is when you forget an important task or deadline, so in the digital planner, you can keep track of what needs to get done today, tomorrow, next week or next month. Plus with the Goals, Health, Finance and Habits sections, you can take control of your lifestyle each day!

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You’ll be able to:


• Year: Write important events that you plan to attend or organize and activities that you wish to do in the year.
• Month: Note important dates. Write the to-dos for the month – both work-related and personal. You get 12 sheets to write from January to December.
• Week: Jot down how you want to handle the week by each day. Write the to-dos for the week- both work-related and personal.
• Day: Keep track of your day’s schedule by the hour, keep a running list of tasks for the day – using a “priorities” list and a “to-do” list. Write gratitude for the day.


• Food: Note Log what you eat through the day – breakfast, lunch, dinner.
• Exercise: Track your workouts. Use the space to track your steps taken, calories burnt and keep an eye on health.
• Vitamins: Track your supplements intake.
• Water: Ensure you are drinking sufficient water every day.


• Write your goals across different dimensions of life – Lifestyle, Financial, Career, Relationships, Self-care, Adventure, Spirituality, New skills and Health. You may have different ambitions for a different timeframe for each dimension. Create goals by timeframe.
• For each goal, get clarity by writing how the goal will help you in bringing positive change in life. This keeps you motivated to achieve it.
• Break the Goal into steps (Big Steps) and further into manageable activities (little steps). It helps you know you are making progress when you complete each activity.


• Monthly Budget: Enter your income sources and the income. Track your fixed and variable expenses and see how you did on the monthly budget.
• Revenue Tracker: Keep track of your revenues for the month.
• Expenses Tracker: Jot down your expenses for each month.


• Track the good habits you want to develop and how you are doing on those on daily basis. Check it off after every time you are successful.
• Review how you did across these habits once a week. Write what worked, and what did not and how you want to do things better in the coming week.


• Notes: Use one of the 9 different formats that suit each occasion to make notes of something interesting or capturing ideas.
• Lists: Use one of the 3 styles of lists to help remember the things or activities you want to.

There are multiple advantages of using this undated planner:
• You buy once and use forever, unlike dated planners
• Stay organized by writing things that matter in one place than multiple sheets or post-it notes
• Helps you appreciate your days, weeks, months and the year. Gives you a sense of achievement when you write down something, complete it and check it off on the sheet.

You deserve a break in life, and with this planner, you’ll have one every single day.


Get free bundle has a collection of 600+ digital stickers available in 6 colors for adding fun to the planning and note-taking process!

The stickers are pre-cropped PNG files that are ready to be used with digital products. Select the right sticker in the desired color to make your note-taking and planning a joy.

Stickers are spread across different categories :
• 74 Labels and List items
• 27 Icons
• 10 Number stickers
• 13 Appreciation stickers

The digital stickers are available in 6 colors to match with any planner you have:
• Cyan
• Grey
• Black
• Lavendar
• Pink
• Blue


Get 10 planner covers.


All our products are digital downloads. Get yours today by clicking on the Download button and download the Digital Planner instantly.

Please note: The digital planner like this require an App like Goodnotes, Notability that are available from App store. It is not included in this purchase.

After you make the payment you can download the item. No physical product will be shipped.


Please refer to the Documentation section in Help & Support on how to use the digital planner, stickers and cover pages.

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